Monday, August 11, 2014

What pisses me off.

Okay, I said I'd get the books up next but today I was surfing around and found this post from Lipstick Alley. Wow, there's a lot of hostility and misconceptions goin' on down there.

Let me put it this way. If you're a chick, do you have certain height standard from which you will rarely, if ever, never stray? If you're a guy. How 'bout those knockers? Does a flat chested gal leave you cold? Or you LBGHTQ folk . . . can I persuade you to play for the major league team? Fuck no.

And you sisters. And brothers (see previous post) exactly why is okay for 'gentlemen to prefer blonds' and it IS NOT okay for ivory girls and ebony guys to prefer one another? Or a good lady from the south to prefer a work-hardened, alpha-fucking black man? You find something wrong with this? Bring it on.

I will maintain and defend the right for a person to prefer Scottish hermaphrodite midgets if that's their thing. Do the Queens of Spade make a fetish out of a black cock? You tell me. Do they harbor secret fantasies of being ravished by a big dark hero? Is it just shallow and racist to imagine a white woman to simply craves a black lover and dances in celebration that this turns her on?  How is that different from any other sexual preference? C'mon. I'm listening.

So, what's your thing? What do you want? Chances are you've got some pretty clear notions of who you will and will not dance with. If you've got  just one 'deal killer' you're guilty, too. (Exceptions for bad-juju type perversions--this goes without saying and you know who you are.)

I'm just a humble paperback (now E) writer. I write what I know chicks like my queens want to read. Because, dear haters, not all queens are sluts. Some are (and there's room for sluts in the world, too, you know), but many, many aren't.

The lot of a white woman who loves (who perhaps is born to love?) a black man isn't an easy one. Just read the posts I've been digging up over just a couple of days. A woman with a Queen of Spades tattoo prominently displayed has a lot to answer for. And a lot of it is pure crap.

Hell, I thought I'd write some hot sex books. Little did I know what a bogus version of this (not small) portion of society is the prevalent attitude.

Google the Queen of Spades. You're out there.

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